Boxed Lunches in St. Louis


One of our most popular lunch delivery options is a box lunch. Box lunches have many advantages, including:

  • Customizable to make everyone happy. We can provide two or three different options so each person can choose the kind they like best.
  • Can provide many options, including sandwich meat, type of chips, and kind of fruit or vegetable that is included.
  • Easy portability and cleanup. A lunch box in St. Louis can be eaten indoors, outdoors, in a conference room, or at a desk.
  • No need to purchase extras such as utensils and napkins—they are usually included.
  • Many boxed lunches come with a dessert item, giving your guests the feeling they have had a whole, satisfying meal.
  • Keeps food waste to a minimum. Ordering platters or trays often involves some guesswork, and many times, food that is left over goes to waste.
  • Healthy options like fruit and salad are easy to incorporate into this type of meal. Rather than going out for fried food, lunch box delivery can be much better for you.
  • Allows the day to progress after lunch. Rather than having to waste time waiting for a table at a restaurant or cleaning up after a potluck, business can resume shortly after the meal is finished.


Just because you want the convenience of a lunch box does not mean you have to get the same old sandwiches. In a diverse city like St. Louis, boxed lunches can be created in almost any theme or consisting of almost any kind of food. We can create a box lunch menu for you that is unique and flavorful, using foods that aren’t included in the typical lunch delivery. Some of the ethnic food options we can incorporate into your lunch box catering:

  • Vietnamese, with banh mi sandwiches, paper spring rolls, and pho soup
  • Greek, with pita bread wraps, stuffed grape leafs, and tzatziki sauce
  • Indian, with naan bread, spicy curry, and rice
  • Bento box, with rice, fish, and pickled vegetables

Looking for delicious box lunches in St. Louis? Let us do the searching for you! We can organize lunch box delivery in St. Louis, Clayton, Manchester, Chesterfield, Ladue, Webster, Kirkwood, Ballwin, St. Charles, Des Peres, and Creve Coeur, MO, and Belleville, IL.