Is Time To Cater a caterer?

Not exactly. Think of Time To Cater as your helping hand to make sure you get the best quality food for the budget you have available for any catering event. We find the best caterer for your needs and make sure the event is a success. We make sure the caterer you have for your event is qualified, has professional experience, good reviews, and impeccable references. We are very selective with who is included in our Preferred Catering Partner Network. We take away the headache of getting the best food and service within your budget.

What does it cost to use Time To Cater?

There is no charge to use Time To Cater. You are charged the exact budget you provided with your order. Everything is included with each order: food, utensils, tax, tip, delivery, etc. Time To Cater has negotiated terms with caterers in our Preferred Caterer Network, and we pass those savings on to you and still run a profitable and successful organization.

Can Time To Cater deliver in my area?

YES. Time To Cater is a National Catering Concierge and we manage corporate and personal catering events across the United States. There is no delivery area or limits to where geographically we can provide service in the US.

What kinds of foods can I order from Time To Cater?

The answer is simple: ANYTHING. When ordering directly from Restaurants on our website, you have the option of selecting specific types of cuisines. Nothing is off limits. If you don’t see what you want, then Contact Us and we’ll do our best to add it to our site. When ordering Catering, you can request any types of foods that you want and we’ll select a caterer from our Preferred Caterer Network who can fill the order.

Can I use Time To Cater for a Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, etc?

Yes. Time To Cater services clients for weddings, birthdays, graduations and just about any type of event across the United States. Using a wedding as an example, consider there are several events involved with a wedding that could require catering: bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, lunch for the wedding party on the wedding date, the wedding reception and even an event the day after the wedding for opening gifts! This short list of examples is five catered events. With one order, Time To Cater will coordinate every event with creative and memorable foods for your special occasion. Spend LESS time coordinating this event and MORE time with your family and friends during your special event!


Can I place an order with Time To Cater for personal events?

Yes. Time To Cater is a catering concierge service for any type of event. If you want to have catering at your event, then Time To Cater ensures that your experience will be excellent regardless of the type of event.